Refrigerator Cookies - Recipe 10 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

This evening I am waiting for a friend who is coming into London to meet me in the City. It’s a long awaited catch up and while I’m waiting I thought I would do some blog catch up as doing any actual work beyond 5.30pm is just out of the question – at this time of the year anyway. Also this gives me time to just bake for the rest of the week… so many things to bake and so little time!!!!!

So recipe number 10 – refrigerator cookies, they sound boring and they most definitely are. I am currently still in the ‘plain’ section of the recipe book and these biscuits are definitely winning in that category. When I read the ingredient list for this recipe I was intrigued to find out that it only had 3 ingredients, butter, icing sugar and flour. The only other biscuit recipe that I knew of that had only 3 ingredients was my Nana'sShortbread recipe. So naturally I thought this recipe would have a similar taste and light texture... I was wrong.

The taste of the biscuits were okay, but they were just really dense, however went okay after being drowned in a lovely cup of earl grey tea. Though doesn’t any biscuit? I think I had high expectations probably because of the ingredients and the fact that even if you cook my Nana's shortbread slightly wrong it still tastes good… or even just eating the dough which was always my brother’s preference.

The recipe had some suggestions to add nuts as an alternative, but I might just save my ingredients next time and go with Nana Peg’s good old shortbread.

Happy Baking x

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