The Amazing Unicorn Rainbow Poop Cake

It's been a pretty crazy summer to say the least. At the start of June I had my 2nd P&I exam; annoyingly the day after my birthday. It meant I got the day off, however I spent it doing practice exams and flash cards. I did use some of my birthday luck to pass my exam and to keep me focused my youngest sister Alice was arriving from Australia a few days later.

Once she arrived, we managed to ease her out of her jet lag gradually(!) by heading down to the Glastonbury music festival. And then to recover from that we packed our bags again and headed off to Ireland and Scotland. It was an incredible trip; definitely the best I've had in years. Scotland is definitely of my favourite places and was a pleasure to spend it with one of my favourite sisters.
My sister pestered my to make her my carrot cupcakes while she was here...
I was pleased to see she enjoyed them. I think 3 were consumed in one afternoon alone  

After a few days back in London to relax, Alice and I had a teary goodbye at Heathrow as we headed our separate ways. As much as I wanted to sit around being homesick, wondering when I would see any of my family next, I started packing again as the lease on my flat ran out a week and a half later. Luckily my friend Tom took me in until we found a new place in North London a month later.

My flatmate Tom and I on the 1st day in our new flat...
check out the bunting!  **love it**

Despite having an amazing summer, I have missed being able to bake and the first weekend in my new flat I already had a baking order lined up. It was a bit of a trial run in my new kitchen, but it was such a joy to be baking again.

I was excited to do this order; the instructions were a vanilla cake with rainbows and glitter... But now with the official name of "The Unicorn Rainbow Poop Cake."

The cake is a basic Victoria sponge from BBC Good Food with a buttercream icing. If you would like to give the rainbow swirl a go, check out Cupcake Jemma's fantastic tutorial which you can watch here

And thanks to Mark Box for the amazing photos, as always! 

Happy birthday to the BDD birthday Kittens!!

Happy Baking x

Sorry I realise that's 2 rainbow cake posts in a row, they are just so much fun to make!