Apple and Blackberry Pie

First of all thanks to all who have read my blog over the last 18 months, its been a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot from the experience, not just the baking but writing as well. When I started the blog, it was more about the baking side, but I quickly realised I wanted to push myself to write as I've never really been very good at it. And I now know the times in which I enjoy writing the most is when I incorporate my personal side into my baking and write about the whole experience. And today blog entry is definitely about that and I thank you all again for reading! 

As some of you may or may not know last year I had a very unfortunate accident at night club in London. The night started off well, drinks and amazing foods at my friends place in Hackney followed by a trip to Camden for some much loved indie dance tunes. Unfortunately I got a little too excited when the DJ started playing Arcade Fire and headed down to the dance floor via the stage. I had done this many times before, however this time my feet didn't even hit the floor as a drink had been spilt and my arse landed straight on the floor. My only regret from the night is that I didn't have nearly enough alcohol to numb the instant pain and even to this day I hate recalling the fall in my mind.

The next few days were okay and a month or so on when I finally went to the doctor she said I just had a bad case coccydynia, which in laymen's terms is 'you fell on your arse and bruised it.' This is also what my spinal surgeon refers to a pain in the arse and he's a doctor, so that's definitely a medical term. However after a few months the back pain started and became a lot worse than initial pain in the arse and a year on its still a daily struggle to keep the pain away. The worst pain is from sitting down all day and so to come home and bake gets me up and moving... I'm not going to lie... I'd being doing it anyway.

So anyway a few weeks ago I had a day surgery to have some steroid needles injected into my back to hopefully help with the pain. Since it was best I rest at home all weekend, I used this excuse to cook the apple and blackberry pie I've wanted bake since I loaded up my freezer with 5 litres of blackberries.

I was lucky enough that as I was at the London Bridge hospital and have a loving boyfriend who went and picked up a delicious cut of lamb from Borough Market for our Sunday roast to which the pie was accompanying.

It was definitely a very chilled weekend with good pals and good pie.. nom
The base...from here you can't see the patch work
The blackberries and apples are mixed in sugar
and then put into the base
any pie needs a dinosaur for its finishing touches and
stegosaurus was very fitting if anyone
is unfortunate to actually have seen my back :/
its then sugared and pricked ready for the oven
fresh out of the oven...
...and then devoured as any pie should be

Happy Baking x

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