Miss Lulu's Birthday Carrot Cake

This weekend we celebrated the lovely Miss Lulu's Birthday. She is one of my closest and dearest friends and also one of my biggest fans, maybe that's why she is so good to me... so she get's cake in return...hmmm.

Photo's Courtesy of Helena

Whatever the reason, I do love to make her favourite cake, Carrot Cake. She did toy with the idea of other flavours, but this cake is just too good to beat. The recipe is from the first Hummingbird cookbook and last time I made this I didn't realise it was meant to be 3 layers instead of 2. This then affected the amount of icing I actually needed and I threw a large quantity of it away which I was later scolded for by Lulu... I'll never do that again. This time around I thought since I'd be clever and make slightly less cream cheese icing, however I  quickly realised why double quantity was needed on a 3 layer cake. Anyway, no one really noticed and I wasn't in trouble for throwing out extra cream cheese icing.

I was quite happy with my 3 layer cake efforts and so did a number of people who were on the East London Ginger Line as I transported it to Lulu's party. It always surprises me that when Im carrying cake how many people are intrigued by such a simple gesture of baking a cake and are very forth coming in saying so. Its very comforting.

Happy Birthday Lulu! Wishing you a very special day... filled with more cake!

Happy Baking x

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    thank you so much for such a beautiful cake and for being my beautiful friend.

    love you lots, always