Coconut & Honey Muesli Slice - Recipe 27 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

This is the first month this year I have got more than 6 posts in!! Mini goal smashed for me. Wooo!

Since I still had some Rice Krispies/Bubbles left over from my Marshmallow Slice, I decided to try these muesli bars out too.

I didn't find them as exciting to make as the marshmallow ones, but they were still so delish it was all covered in condensed milk - how could they not be good!

I'm enjoying this slice section... I might have to skip to the back more often.

Happy Baking x

Marshmallow Rice Krispies/Bubbles Slice - Recipe 26 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

So I've skipped a few chapters and started from the back in the Slice section. I am nearly finished the Plain Biscuits chapter, but I was keen to make some slice and this one sounded like lots of fun. Literally all you need to do it melt down some marshmallows and mix it with the Rice Krispies/Bubbles. Since I didn't have the colourful chocolate bits I added Maltesers instead and just sprinkled with some pink 100's and 1000's. You then just squish it all into a tray and leave it to set in the fridge, no baking even required.

I made two batches of these as they were so easy and were gone in a flash. I will be making some more of these in the next couple weeks again for sure - save baking with an oven on in the "Summer" that we are having.

Happy Baking x

Chocolate Wheaties - Recipe 25 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I'm whizzing through these blog posts over the last couple of days, though the sun has finally decided to come out so maybe that will start to slow down whilst I go enjoy the small amount of summer that England has decided to give us.

These chocolate Wheaties I think are meant to resemble one of the UK's favourite biscuit - the Chocolate Digestive and from looking at this picture of one I think I got it pretty right. 

These were relative easy to bake, though the having to put the dough in the fridge to set each time before cutting out the biscuit was as bit fiddly, but otherwise very simple and so delicious.

Happy Baking x

Carrot and Ginger Cake

At my work for your birthday its up to the individual to bring in cakes/sweets (they are so giving) and whilst most people just go to M&S, of course I like to bake my own and try something I haven't baked before. 

This yeah I thought I wanted to have another attempt at another layer cake I'd been eyeing off to make.  I've been a bit obsessed with layer cakes... and I'm making one next week which I'm very excited about in honour of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics but more on that later. 

This cake was meant to be 4 layers high, but when you are taking it into the office its a bit much so I made two separate 2 layer cakes and the added ginger to this popular favourite, went down a treat. 

Happy Baking x

Amaretti - Recipe 24 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Have been getting back into my Women's Weekly baking challenge and next up in the book (yes I'm still in the Plain biscuits section) was Amaretti. I found these quite simple to make and if you like almond/marzipan then these are the biscuit for you. 

Happy Baking x

Before they are baked after sitting overnight!

New Beat club night launch - with DISCO cakes of course!

Tomorrow night is the launch of the new club night Hysteria in Dalston and to celebrate the guys have asked me to do a few disco cupcakes for the DJ's.

If you feel like dancin' you should come down! 

Happy Dancin' x

Update from the Night -Disco Cakes 0 - Disco Speaker 1

But proior to that - all smiles

Women's Weekly Kids Birthday Cookbook - Robot Cake

The Australian Women's Weekly Kids Birthday cookbook is known by 99% of Australian child born in the 80's or later. If I was to mention it to any of these people, they each have their own stories to tell about which cakes they have had and the ones their parents were never skilled enough to make. This book has been so popular that they have now re-printed it in its original form and as my friend pointed out, it even smells exactly the same. Its funny the way smells do bring back memories and when I purchased this back in May on my trip back home, it was like the memories and excitement of this book came flooding back.

I was excited to try out any of the recipes and so the next birthday just happen to be Pete's birthday and since he is still a child at heart I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bake my first of these cakes. I kind of had a bit of a theme with my presents for Pete and so I kind of steered him towards the Robot cake. It was more difficult than I thought to ice and put together the cake and I am still a bit unsure how to get all the icing on with the sprinkles without getting finger marks all over it and his head did fall off at one point before the party had even started, but some skewers and a licorice all sorts saved the day.

Pete & the first round of toaties

We also decided that return of Toastival was the perfect solution to the fact that English summer seems to have been forgotten and a organising a BBQ is only asking for trouble. Toastival was created by Pete and his friend Claire a few years ago and the idea was that each person brings along their own ingredients which they think/know might go well in a toastie and then the combination is tasted by all. My favourite was definitely the dessert toastie which was banana, dark & milk Lindt chocolate and 100's & 1000's; which we presented to Pete along with his Robot cake.

Dan on the portable BBQ as we were lucky enough to get some sun

Happy Birthday Pete!

... and Happy Baking x