Clementine (Mandarin) & Polenta Biscuits - Recipe 13 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Happy National Baking week everyone! As much as I love that its baking week in the UK, I feel like its been a bit swamped but National Chocolate Week, National Cheese Week, National Cupcake week.. and the list goes on. However I would have really liked to have made it down to the Chocolate Week event they had going on at Vinopolis... now that looked amaze.

Anyway back to the baking and since I baked this during National Chocolate week, then next week except a bunch of chocolate posts... I made my own baking weeks! Now a few posts back I mentioned that I've come across a few ingredients in this books that are sometimes a bit difficult to come by in the UK. This one another one of those, and it just happened to be the main ingredient - Mandarin.

Whilst I was told they were probably available in the country, I wasn't going to go tracking all over London just to find some and so I substituted with some Clementines and they did the job. The recipe also include mandarin juice. I'm still not 100% sure what mandarin juice is, some of my more recent Aussie friends who have come over advised me that this was some for of cordial, so instead I just blitzed some of the clementines and then strained the juice... actually that was LK's idea - so I won't take the credit on that.

I was a little worried when they came out that they were undercooked as I think by nature the dough is meant to be a slightly pale. The smell however definitely made them inviting and I had a number of people who came and told me how much they did actually enjoy them. A few suggested that they should make an appearance in the tea room again soon though I have about another 50 - 60 recipes to get through just in this book alone so maybe next year.

Happy Baking x

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