Vanilla & Mocha Twists - Recipe 12 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

As I frequently have to do the peak hour train journey out to The Readings I thought I could actually use this time to catch up on blog entries. However as its peak hour I always end up standing either between seats annoying people knocking them about with my backpack or squished in-between carriages. I have found my spot now as a frequent* traveler in the section between first class carriages were I can sit on the ground with my bag yet without a first class ticket - I feel slight more privileged to be stuck there... the small things in life.
*Pete might disagree

Last week I managed to get through two more recipes in my baking challenge, however in the wrong order. On Tuesday I wanted to do the mandarin & polenta biscuits however I struggled to find any polenta and even sending LK to the shops on her way home too we failed to find any. When I got home I turned to the next recipe and thankfully I had all the ingredients (except two teaspoons of instant coffee - thanks Tom) and so I got baking on the next recipe.. Vanilla & Mocha Twists.

I thought these looked like they were going to be quite difficult as the whole twist thing to me looked quite delicate. However it was surprisingly easy, however in this picture below, I had actually measure out the dough to 40cm like the recipe advised, but do you think that I could twist the whole thing in one go...

I'm not sure what they do in that kitchen, but it wasn't working for me. I did manage to work out my own way and I was actually surprised at the conformity I got throughout the batch.

Oh and they tasted pretty amaze too...

Happy Baking x

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