Chocolate and Peppermint Cupcakes

I have mentioned in a few previous blog posts that my friend Lulu's mum Pixie has been staying in London for a few months now, however her time here has sadly come to and end and she is flying back to Australia on Monday.. *sniff*

I will be very sad to see her go as in the time that she has been here we have had some great times together. She has shared many stories and now I have a few stories to tell of my time with Pixie and I've been very grateful to get to know one of my good friends mums so well.

Anyway last night I joined Lulu and Pixie on the boat (did I mention Lulu lives on a boat on the Thames.... amaze right?) for dinner and of course I baked some treats to take along with me to share and as I learnt from the early beginning.... she'll eat pretty much anything - except banana's.

The cupcakes were just something I wanted to try as chocolate and peppermint has been a flavour I have loved since I was a wee'un. I made a batch of my vanilla cupcake & vanilla butter cream recipes and added a teaspoon of peppermint essence to both, oh and of course some food colouring. I then made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with the infamous chocolate icing and swirled the two together.

I am my own worse critic and I still think they could be better as the chocolate cake seemed a little dry, but hey there were no complaints.

And to Pixie, I am very sad to see you go as the time I have spent with you has been amazing and I can totally understand now where that daugther of yours gets her sparkle.. I am very lucky to have her as one of my best friends and I thank you for that.

Please come back and visit soon, but I won't say goodbye, just see you soon xx

Much Love and Happy Baking x


  1. not only are your baked treats sweet, but so are you. tres.

    ruru roves raura xxxx

    ps - you may be your own worst critic, so am i! those photos are eeeeek!