Teeny Tiny Chocolate Eclairs

I was excited when my boss asked me to do his birthday cakes for the office, except he didn't want cakes he wanted eclairs, just chocolate eclairs! Easy he said! Pfft okay, but I hate to say it but he was right! Thankfully he doesn't read my blog so he'll never hear me say it.

 I'm not a very experienced baker and when I had heard people mention choux pastry in the past I never actually knew what it and it didn't help that I thought they were saying "shoe pastry"'. So after googling for eclair recipes, it very quickly learnt what choux pastry was, and am now looking for the next occasion to bake some more.. profiterole party anyone?

I probably wasn't in the best frame of mind on that Sunday, as the night before was one of those nights  where the N29 bus was full of all the unspeakables that only grace us with their presence at 3 or 4 am on a Sunday morning, including myself. However baking these proved a lot of fun and my lack of sleep and hurting head was very much forgotten whilst watching the pastry rise in the oven, and even more excited when I filled them with cream.

I have to also mention that I was on a post-lent no sugar/baked goods at this point and I did have to break it for taste testing/quality purposes, but I was good and only had one bite... next time I won't be so sure I can hold back and I even impressed myself for once.

Happy Baking x

ready for the eggs
in they go, one at a time
and then whisked by my best baking buddy
tiny eclairs all in a row
pricked and ready for a good creaming.. too much?
cream hole
The cream goes in... this got a bit messy
all creamed up and ready to go
I'm quite proud of these....
helps that they were mega tasty