Golden Oaty Carrot Cookies - Recipe 19 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

So tonight I learnt a new saying... Ugly Sexy! Like when someone is ugly, but still sexy... anyway it just seemed to perfectly sum up these cookies. They just are.... and they make me going back for more, except my work makes liked them too much as well and sadly they disappeared before I had the chance.

Happy Baking x

Low Fat Gluten Free Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cupcakes

Just a quick post on this delicious piece of heaven. I baked these cupcakes to bring into work for a lady who is allergic to wheat and not just intolerant, like you know it could kill her allergic. So with that in mind I like to get these right. However besides these being gluten/wheat free they are also less than 200 calories per cake. Amazing right? My American ex-housemate said they taste like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, mmmm peanut butter cup...

Happy Baking x

Ps. They have butternut squash in them too... One of your five a day??

Coconut Chocolate Crunchies aka KINGSTONS! Recipe 18 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

It's Friday !! Yey! Though that always means to the worst song is stuck in my head all day... *shake fist at Rebecca Black*

I have some blogs to catch up on and have wanted to get these ones out there as I was pretty stoked about how they turned out. I did cheat a little bit by skipping through to the Filled Biscuits section of the Women's Weekly Cookbook just to make them. I just couldn't wait any longer as these biscuits are ones that I miss from Aus and without bigging myself up to much, I reckon my batch was about as close as you get to the real thing... I would even say better than a real Kingston. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, a Kingston is a biscuit made in Australia by Arnotts and they are delish!!

These ones flew out of the tin a lot faster than normal and it wasn't just my Aussie's pals either, one to put back on the list.

Happy Baking x

Peanut Crunch Cookies - Recipe 17 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Back on track with the Women's Weekly baking challenge, just to refresh everyone basically I'm just baking my way through the book itself. I don't actually have a time limit on it so its not a hard challenge, but I figure it will take me a while. I've only cheated once by skipping one recipe I'm really just not interested in, but everything else I have to bake at some point. At the moment, I'm not even out of the 'Plain Biscuits' section, but I have jumped ahead on a few occasions.


I'm always excited to make a recipe with peanut butter, however this recipe replaced the butter with peanut butter and it was a definite peanut crunch, but no taste of the peanut butter. Still tasty and crunch nevertheless.. great 3pm tea break biscuit.

Happy Baking x

Cupcake Deliveries....

This week I was kept busy with some cupcakes orders that I thought I'd share with you.

Monday I whipped up 3 dozen cupcakes for Emma. They were chocolate bases, chocolate icing and honeycomb. One day I will master my own honeycomb.

And today a some how managed a order of 6 dozen! Yes on a school night. The order was for Ben and he ordered 3 dozen chocolate base with chocolate icing and random toppings. He was also persuaded to order 3 dozen carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing. I have to say this was my best ever batch of this icing. I think it was the fact I kept he cream cheese in the fridge until right before it went in the bowl. Sooo good!

Happy Baking x

I some how managed to bake a few left overs too...
which I devoured...
Big Red.. making the best cream cheese icing I've made to date.

Cheesy Bread with Peppers and Pumpkin Seeds (and pine nuts)

Loving this quick mobile blogging... I'm on the tube blogging on my way to work, amaze!

Last night to accompany my butternut squash soup I got my ladywife to assist me in making some cheesy bread. I have made this a few times before and it's ready to eat in about 45 minutes. Not so unfortunately Mon got a bit confused between pine nuts and pumpkin seeds so we had both, which worked really well.

2012 - they year of more homemade breads!

Happy baking x