New Years Day Cleansing Juice

Happy New Years Day everyone!!!

I bet there are some sore heads this morning. Not sure how it happened, but Pete and I managed to stay at home for NYE and have a quiet one... with no booze. Though I did find a whisky bottle open on the coffee table  this morning so I think Pete must have been sleep drinking again.

We did spend the morning of New Years Eve feeling a bit hungover from the party the night before at Buttoned Down Disco's F**K NYE party and decided a hangover juice with Pete's new juicer would do the trick. 

First, you need a juicer.

Then add 4 apples, 230g peeled honeydew melon, half a cucumber and 75g watercress. 

And your done... hangover cured! Well not completely but it does give you back  some of those essential vitamins you are probably lacking from all the booze the night before. 

Happy (Juicing) Baking and all the best for 2013 x


  1. Ahhhh! Someone else who is a fan of juicing! I got a new juicer for Christmas, not a very ££ one, but it's so much better than my old one! :) x

  2. I love juice but not as much as my boyfriend, so I bought him the juicer for Christmas. Coincidently it is red - along with the rest of my kitchen appliances :)