My first baking lesson

This Saturday was my first ever baking lesson. The ‘lucky’ student was Mr Tom Young. He was very eager and the first lesson was a Classic Victoria Sponge. As much as this was meant to a lesson for Tom, there was definitely a few lesson’s that I learnt. The main lesson would be - “Always try a recipe out before you try teach someone else how to make it.”

It started off well, Tom followed his instructions well and listening to Laura’s Helpful Tips.

And then something went terribly wrong…

So sad…

We think we know what happened. The recipes says to split the batter between two cake tins, however I do not own two so we just poured it all into one. The intention was to cut it in half as I had done with my previous Victoria sponge cakes, however that didn’t work on this one. Next time I will be less impatient and cook it like the recipe advises. Baking Fail.

However we managed to save the cake with a few little tricks and this was one happy student.. as he should be.

Happy Baking x