Ginger & Caramel Apple Puddings - The Pink Whisk Challenge

It tis the season to eat apples.. which is awesome, as I generally eat one a day as this is how I was brought up. And then there is that whole 'eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away' thing, which doesnt work when you fall on your arse in nightclub, who know's maybe If I had an apple on me that night... hmm. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing.

This blog entry has a bit of a purporse to it, rather than my general ramblings. One of the blogs I follow The Pink Whisk has a compitition this month to bake with apple, namly Pink Lady apples and on Saturday night we were having a girls night in and so I had the perfect occassion to try out a recipe.
The Pink Whisk

my little helper - Lulu

We threw around a few ideas, but I chose a recipe from BBC Good Food - Ginger & Caramel Apple Puddings. They were meant to be done in individual ramakins except that I didn't have any, however I had treated myself to a lovely new dish earlier that day and it worked perfectly.

My housemate and I had a good system, she made the dinner and I was left to do the pudding so more relaxing time for both of us (though I think she drew the short straw on that deal).

Her cassoulet was a great homely autumn dinner and tasted amazing. The flavours were even more amazing when we had the leftovers a few days later. The pudding recipe was very simple and took no time at all to make and even less time to be devoured.

Happy Autumn Everyone & Happy Baking x



    rhubarb next prease miss morrisseys!