Raspberry & Chocolate Cookies - Recipe 9 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Next up in my Women's Weekly challenge was Raspberry & Chocolate Cookies which unfortunately were a little under cooked and went completely gooey... if only I had some ice cream around to mush them into... mmm

Anyway, I had fun making these and the recipe started off in one of my favourite ways of starting off a recipe and that is creaming butter, sugar and eggs together. Not sure what is it about that combination but its just amazing how it all comes together to form a light creamy delicious mix.

Next went in the flours and cocoa to make my base.

And next the magic, dark chocolate and raspberries.

They looked all okay coming out of the oven, but I'm thinking my either wasn't hot enough or I needed to leave them in there a little longer or both.

Still good enough to eat and as I still have a freezer full of berries I'm going to give these another go, because they were so delish I figured they were worth the effort.

Happy Baking x

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