My first Guest blogger... “This is What LauraK Made”

Hiya, it’s Laura K here! For our trip up to Nottingham, I decided to make peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them a few times before, but these particular ones turned out the best of all. I’m pretty proud of myself, it must be said. The cookies are quite simple to make and only have about five ingredients. Once I’d made about 45 little cookies, I decided to make two larger (and more manly) sized cookies for Aaron & Tom. Their texture was so soft & crumbly…ahhh…om nom nom. I wish I’d eaten more of them. They were thoroughly enjoyable biscuits.

All the baked goods ready to go...

This massive cookie didn't make it to Nottingham...

Happy Baking x

Festival Treats in Nottingham

Its a bank holiday weekend in England and my pals and I are leaving Ol’ London Town and heading up north to Nottingham to attend the Dot-to-Dot Festival. We are lucky enough to be able to stay at Tom’s parents house and to say thanks we have spent today baking up a storm.
To start I made lime, coconut and blueberry slice. Its from the Relvet Chocolate and Heartache cookbook and makes the house smell absolutely amazing with the smell of the coconut base and lime zest. I ran out of blueberries, so I used some raspberries as well. I’ve made this before and the base didn’t cook properly so I tried something different when cooking the base. It definitely worked better, however it still wasn’t the easiest to get out of the tray.
The coconut and sugar base is cooked first

The cake topping with the raspberries and blueberries start baking

mmm so limey!!

I’ve also made my amazing scones. I’ve made them a bit bigger than usual but they still look and I’m sure taste just as amazing. The dough…

Next up what LauraK made and how our treats went down…

Happy Baking x

Mexican Bean Burgers

I have some friends over on Thursday so thought I would try some kidney bean burgers.. they were a success.. very tasty. I served them on toasted buns with lime and coriander yoghurt dressing and tomato salsa!

I think I might try them on the BBQ when the sun comes out.

Try out the recipe here.

Happy Baking x

Piklets..perfect hangover foods

LauraK and I are a bit hungover so I made Piklets this morning. I didn’t take photos as we ate them all, actually there is one left.. I should eat it. We had an array of jams, including cherry, rhubarb and ginger and elderflower jam.. They were delish!

Happy Baking x

The report back:

These went down a treat even in 25 degree heat!

I think they could have been slightly more moist and the smartie type sweets on top bled their colour… however the cream cheese icing balanced this out.

More baked goods to be made this weekend.

Happy Baking x

A Post of Firsts

Firstly, Welcome to my first tumblr. post. Edit: Have migrated to Blogger - I like what I know. I’m a little over run with ideas that I want to bake and try, so I looking forward to posting them for you all to drool over or screw you face in horror.

I’ve recently got my hands on a copy of the Hummingbird Bakery cook book. I haven’t yet been there which is something I hope to rectify very soon for a lovely lady date or several.

I’ve decided to go straight in with the famous Red Velvet… This is the first time I’ve attempted these and we’ve have a few ciders tonight before I started, but hopefully they will be delish.

mmm.. would probably look more amazing if I hadn’t mixed it in my pink bowl…

first batch going okay; second batch on the way…

The taste test will be tomorrow in Regent Park with my pals… will report back.

Enjoy and Happy Baking x