Malted Milk Biscuits - Recipe 11 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I’m finally up to date with my Women’s Weekly Biscuit Challenge.. yey!!! If you haven’t been following my blog for the last few weeks, then I’ll fill you in with what I’m on about. Basically in the past when I get orders for baked goods from family, friends, workmates, they are always for cupcakes. Now whilst I love those pretty little things, they are not a challenge and my baking skills are not expanding in a way I would hope. Another reason was that I purchased a Women’s Weekly Biscuits &  Macaroon’s book when I was in home in Australia last year and every time I looked in the book I wanted to bake everything…. So I made it a challenge to do just that.

After the disappointment in flavour from the last recipe, I was looking forward to some flavour coming through in this recipe as malt is one of my favourite flavours. My first experience with malt was when I started my job at Donut King and on the menu was vanilla malted milkshakes… I never though anything would be better than a chocolate milkshake until I had this.

Any who enough about the good old days when I didn’t know how many calories a full fat milkshake with ice-cream had in it, now I know that not even 20 minutes on the cross trainer will burn off that bad boy. As this is an Australian recipe sometimes I’ve come across some ingredients that are only found in Australia and/or I don’t know what the equivalent is in England. This recipe had two of those. Firstly I didn’t know what the equivalent of malted milk powder is and also the recipe was actually meant to be cut in the shape of flowers with a freckle as the middle.

This was a one off - just for me!

For those non-Australian readers… freckles are as follows…

…I think they are called Jazzy’s in the UK, but who knows (email me if you do). I eventually found Horlicks for the malted milk powder and some chocolate buttons which were my decorations – not nearly as exciting, but I do happen to have a cupboard full of 100’s and 1000’s so I improvised with the overall look.

I am very happy with the taste of these and the malt flavour comes though nicely, actually the best bit is when you open the tin and them smell comes wafting out…mmmm

Happy Baking x


  1. Can you post a pic of your cookie cutter? These are so cute!

  2. Hey Jane, I got a set pretty much the same as these for my Birthday... send me a picture if you bake anything xx

  3. Where's the recipe?