Brandy Snaps fit for a Pixie - Recipe 8 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I haven't blogged for a while about my Women's Weekly Biscuit challenge, however I did complete this recipe a few weeks ago and have been lazy and not blogged about it.

Firstly, I did kind of cheat and skip a few recipes as for our Sunday Afternoon Tea I was requested by our guest of honour Pixie, who is over visiting her lovely daughter from Australia and could not say no to their lovely faces.

I was a little worried about getting these right, I don't think I've ever had a brandy snap before and so was unsure of the texture, taste etc. Another scary thing about these is the fact its based on sugar moulded into a tube with cream piped into the middle... eeek! Anything besides having to cream sugar for me is scary... and difficult. Unlucky for me the following week on the Great British Bake off was a brandy snap challenge and I definitely would have appreciated the tips from the show. However I surprised myself and actually managed to pull off something that resembled the picture in the book and definitely satisfied Pixie and Lulu's love of brandy snaps.

At first I was having a lot of difficulty with these as they kept sticking to the grease proof paper when they came out of the oven and there was no way I would be able to attempt to get them around the mould. I was nearly at a point of total loss, but I then tried it without the paper... volia! They worked! (time to maybe invest in some better grease proof paper).

I was very pleased with the outcome, but some more cream would have been handy, however after listening to the critical feedback by Lady Mary Berry on the GBBO I definitely think I have a lot of room for improvement and my brandy snaps could definitely have a bit more snap.

Also an interesting fact I found out about brandy snap - they don't even have any brandy in them! Crazy! However you can put some in the cream which I definitely think will be a welcome addition to my next batch.

Happy Baking x

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