Banana, Caramel & Date Cookies - Recipe 14 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I have been majorly slack at blogging of late and even more so on the baking. I go through periods of wanting to write and then peroids where its the BIGGEST CHORE IN THE WORLD. I guess going out to a gig after work and telling yourself that you will go home and go straight to work is the best time to actually start writing a blog entry...or not? Not sure where the enthusiasm come from, thought I can bet its probably just tiredness and I'm rambling, but hey here I am.

This is another recipe in my Women's Weekly Baking challenge which by the look of it will be going well into next year... but that's okay as I make my own rules. The next rule I am going to make up is that I don't have to go in order of recipes as I'm very keen to skip and try my hand at some macaroons and with Christmas fast approaching, maybe some Christmas treats too.

These biscuits were relatively easy to bake, however I didn't want to over cook them, but I think I went slightly the other way and undercooked them, but I much prefer a chewy biscuit and it appears so do a few others. I still remember back in the day when my friend worked at Subway and she would bake a whole batch of cookies, pretend to under cook them and then put them in a bag to 'throw out'. I would then get a text that my cookies were ready to be binned and I would drive down and bit up the bag of undercooked Subway cookies... delish!

The mixture of the banana and date in the recipe gave a great flavour, unfortunately the toffee on most melted through to the bottom and eventually fell out when they got stuck to the paper, which bring me on to another point. So the other day I went to Robert Dyas to get some chocolate for my fondue and while I was there I was looking at the baking section and I noticed there was greaseproof paper and parchment paper. I currently have greaseproof paper as I naturally assumed that this would mean you wouldn't actually have to grease the paper, however as I read both the labels carefully, I noticed that the only different between the two was that parchment paper doesn't need to be greased with butter or oil to use and yet greaseproof does.. WEIRD! Maybe its different in Australia and that's why I have always got it wrong in the UK and just assumed all their baking papers needed greasing. I am glad to have found this out before starting on the macaroons section.... I think some tantrums would have been had. Though I bet there still will be...

Anyway, enough with the rambling... all in all.. this was a very flavoursome recipe and I have been asked for more, so maybe with my parchment paper in hand, the toffee will stay put. 

Happy Baking x

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