on nom nom GIANT COOKIE

At my work we seem to have an influx of sweets and chocolates that the Underwriters bring from various countries they have traveled too. Many would envy the travel they get to do, whisking off to Paris, jumping the pond to NYC, except me who would rather stay in the office and pick up their sometimes incoherent emails from their blackberry's. I'm weird I know, but its not as glamorous as it appears to be. Most of them have families and spending nights in random hotels and motels and having to meet and greet a selection of people just doesn't appeal to me, plus how would I get any baking down.

One girl in our office however has a slight addiction to Toblerone, so most of the time our biscuits and sweets cupboard is constantly overloaded with them. So when another two large bars of Toblerone arrived, only shortly after a bag of the mini's was devoured, I nicked them away that night and showed up with some very large Toblerone Cookies the next day.

I think I might just nick them more often, the cookies were delish! 

Happy Baking x 

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