Happy Halloween

Even since I got my Kitchen Aid which feels like forever ago now (26 days) I have been using every excuse possible to bake. Actually I haven't been baking as much as I would like, but you know life and work gets in the way, also its not always cheap to be baking cakes everyday. However a lady at my work and I get very excited when talking about baking projects and equipment and so when I told her I'd bought a Kitchen Aid she was the first person to put in an order. I had some time to prepare as it was for Halloween.
I have always said this about my baking that if you don't look at my baked goods and instantly want to eat them (or squash them in your face at the sight of them), then I don't want to bake them. I like to try do simple baking that is mouthwatering, edible and simply delicious. When I started to research ideas for cupcakes for Halloween a lot of the cupcakes looked absolutely amazing, however eating a cupcake covered in marzipan is not the most mouthwatering idea to me. I am saying this in a hypocritical way as I've used marzipan to make the spiders, however I had never actually used marzipan and wanted to give it a go. Also they are not over loaded with the stuff and even simply removing the marzipan spider you would still have a quite enjoyable cupcake which is the point, in my opinion anyway.

These are my Halloween Cupcake experiments. I went for a basic vanilla cupcake base and went crazy on top - I hope the kids enjoyed them.

Red colouring makes kids happy right? Or slightly crazy?
Ghosts Ghouls

Deadly Redback Spiders

The boxes ready to go on the train journey... we made it!

 Happy Baking x


  1. Awesome!I particuarly like the ghosts!

  2. OMG that is so freaking amazing!! I showed ppl at work and they are in awe, lady - in awe!

    Proud xx