Bake it in a Cake - The Laura's Way

There is this amazing website which is dedicated to some interesting cupcake combinations. Its called Back It in a Cake. Its very exciting to walk through a supermarket and think about what you can put inside a cake. We tried this with a bit of our left over mixture from various cupcakes over the past few weeks, this is how it went.

This first one is a digestive biscuit crushed into a chocolate cupcake.  

I like sprinkles.. and lots of them

Digestive Goodness

 The second one we didn't get a great photo of the inside as we were tired and just wanted to smash them in our face - literally! But this one was made from left over vanilla cake, with a Lindt ball in the middle (which clearly sank to the bottom) and left over peanut butter on the top.

Last minute photo on the iphone before smashing in our faces
Peanut butter and Lindt ball awesomeness

Happy Baking x

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