Fan Cakes of the Peanut Butter kind....

The last few weeks for me have been amazing, along with having to make some hard decisions. Hummingbird Bakery was looking for new bakers for their various stores, and I thought there was no harm in applying. All I had to showcase my baking skills was my blog, and being a home baker I didn't think I would have even the slightest chance. So I was very excited when the following day I was called up to be offered a trial at one of their stores. Apparently a few people had seen my blog within their offices, and apparently even the head of Hummingbird Bakery! I was completely blown away and extremely flattered to be contacted; and had I only been 5 years younger, I would have jumped straight in.

Unfortunately, after a few years of living in London, I'm in a place that I'm not to keen to give up right now, and the balance of having a good job enabling me to fund my hobby/obsession is where I want to be. In saying that, the other reason I turned it down is, being the slight control-'freak' that I am, I want to bake my way and I can't quite do that within the constraints of a full time baking job.
Shortly after making my decision, I received an order which made me more confident that turning the job down was the right decision. The order was for 50 cupcakes for Cloud Control's gig at the Lexington. This order made me realise that there were other parts of my life I would have to give up, including going to numerous gigs, and that was something I just couldn't pass up. Also the fact I could do my baking and take it to the gig opened up a whole new realm.

The order of 50 cupcakes was a bit of a challenge, mainly transportation, and I couldn't have gotten a worse day to transport them. The weather decided that gale force wind and rain was perfect for the occasion. Thankfully we made it to the venue between breaks in the torrential rain.

My housemate LK helped me out on this order and she baked her chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing recipe again. They were just as good the second time around. We also went with a chocolate base with chocolate icing. The chocolate icing from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is to die for, and resembles mousse on a cake... nom. The remaining cupcakes were lemon with cream cheese. I know these always go down a treat, so I baked two batches.

We had a lot of fun making these over two nights and we thought we'd video a bit of it to share... LK bakes the best when she has her fox hat on...

The whole night was the best I've had in awhile, even getting to bed at 3 am on a school night didn't seem to bother me.

Thanks for the shout out guys - this is our shout out to you.

The Laura's

x Happy Baking

PS. check out their blog... you'll love it too

Flagged and ready to go
LauraK's chocolate with caramel 
biscuit on the bottom and peanut butter icing
Lemon with cream cheese
Chocolate with chocolate mousse icing
Beanz trying to steal 
all the lemon cupcakes
Even with the sign up people still were 
hesitant to eat them, in the end yelling..
'Have a cupcake they are FREE' worked well
The cupcake merch table
a excited fan with a flag
LK was a little excited about 
Cloud Control about to come on stage


  1. I think I could eat like, 50 of those peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Favourite flavour combination. Nice work, ladies. :-D

  2. Cupcakes for a gig - love it lol !!!

    Well on the job offer from the bakery, even if you did turn it down, it must have boosted your confidence no end :)

  3. Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes sound super yummy!

  4. Can you come to Australia and make Cloud Control cupcakes at one of their gigs? Or maybe I'll just have to come to England :)

  5. sure.. I'm in Australia atm! Maybe I should do cupcakes for the John Steel Singers show in Brisbane on Friday!! x Laura