An Afternoon Tea fit for Cloud Control

My housemate Laura and I have been very excited about the return of one of our favourite Australian bands Cloud Control. They have been here now for 2 weeks and we have seen them play twice already and will see them another 3 times before the month is out - dedicated fans if you ask me.

They were kind enough to have us over on their first night in their swish London Pad in Hoxton and we were treated to amazing home made pizza's which went down well with some red wine and ciders.

To return the favour we invited them over to The Villas for some Saturday Afternoon Tea, and they arrived in true band style with a handful of extras, but they were all very lovely and there was plenty of cakes and tea to go round the 10 or so people.

LK and I both baked goods for the afternoon, we started off with my lemon drizzle cake which was deliciously lemony moist. As soon as they were ready the scones came straight out of the oven and onto their plates and were eaten with plain old whipped cream with icing sugar and a selection of jams and marmalade, including one of my personal favourites ginger and rhubarb.

As LK had to work that day, she didn't have a lot of time to prepare, however she got home and whipped up some to die for chocolate cupcakes with a caramel crunch biscuit on the bottom and peanut butter icing. I can't even to begin to describe how good they were.

I would say a successful afternoon tea all round.

Happy Baking x

PS. I have pictures on the way, however since I used a guest photographer I haven't got the pictures just yet... Ulrich??

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