Chocolate Orange Madness

This cake I have been looking forward to making for months. I have two clashes of flavour that I absolutely love. One is chocolate and peppermint and the other if chocolate and orange (or Jaffa).  

Today occasion was for a happy and sad reason. It was a combined cake for my friend at work whose birthday was last week, however today was his last day at our work. He is a lover of chocolate and orange so I found my excuse to make this amazing cake.  

As much as I had been researching different recipes for months and finally decided on one recipe from BBC Good Food (that site is my cooking and baking heaven). However it wasn't until I was actually on the train home with my baking supplies that I actually read the recipe. It was a little more involved that I thought, including boiling the orange for half and hour and blitzing it in the food processor. I still have not learnt from my earlier failed baking attempts of READING THE RECIPE.  

Anyway, it took a little longer than I expected to make, but when I'm baking time seems irrelevant - except the actual cooking times of course. The smell of chocolate and orange wafting out of the oven when it was ready was amazing. I know I use amazing a lot - but it was! I say delish a lot as well, but I stole that of my sister who is an actual chef and I figure if she uses it as a professional then I can use it too.
I like baking this cake as there was a few elements I had never done before, ie the boiling of the orange and also I had never made chocolate ganache icing before, so simple by so delish! 

I hope my work mate (ex-work mate now) enjoyed it and I wish him well in his new 'more exciting' job.

Happy Baking x 

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