Mo'vember - Round Two

This was the second batch of Mo'vember cupcakes which in my opinion kicked arse over the last batch. First thing I made was a batch of gingerbread mustaches which were later decorated in pretty colours by my housemates.

Baking weekend for the Mo'Bro's

Second batch was some butter biscuits which I doubled up with some jam in the middle. These were/are my favourite type of cookies. Back in my hometown in Australia I use to love going to the bakery to get these biscuits. They always had pink icing and hundreds and thousands, so I re-created this.. Mo'vember style.

Jammy goodness

Next up were the cupcakes. A lady at work who has been very supportive of my baking, however is unable to eat wheat products, so I thought I would make my low-fat gluten free cupcakes. I use to make these all the time earlier this year as they always ended up being so light and fluffy, despite the main ingredients of ground almond, rice flour and courgettes. In the middle I put strawberry jam, which likes to find its way to the bottom no matter what I try. For the icing I really wanted to try out some of my new piping tubes and i'd never made royal icing before so I thought i'd give it a go. I tends to dry hard and crack so next time I will put some glycerine in it, but with just a hint of pink they looked delightful.

Low-fat Gluten Free cupcakes
so much pretty

The next batch of cupcakes were just normal batter, however since I'm a ginger 'nut' I decided to make this batch ginger, with crushed up ginger biscuit in the bottom, and some also sprinkled on top. The ginger went well with some simple cream cheese icing. It ended up being like mini cheesecake cupcake... sooo delish.
I had smashing these biscuits to made them into the base

bake it in a cake style


Before the day was out I decided to make one more batch of cupcakes. I used the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook recipe for chocolate cupcakes and chocolate icing. I don't know what they do with their mixture or how big their cases are, but its a big stretch to make 12 cupcakes like the recipe says... I think I squeezed out about 8.
all boxed up and ready to go

At the end of the two days I ended up raising £80 in total which I thought was amazing as we even had left overs. Thanks to all who supported/donated/decorated/ate my baked treats, your support was very much appreciated.

Happy Baking x

A little film of our baking team... 

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