Mo'vember - Round One

If you didn't already know it was Mo'vember, then your probably thinking there is a sudden fashion trend of dirty mo's about the place.

Mo'vember was started in Australia and has spread across the world as a fun way for people to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. Most guys I know use it as an excuse for that one month of the year that its okay to have the dirty mo. I don't mind them, so maybe they will catch on for others months of the year too...mmm Johnny anyone?

Since I don't have any moustache growing skills, I thought I'd use my baking skills and bake cake for the cause. I ended up backing for two separate occasions and I will update on my next post how much I raised. This is just to show my first few batches that were taken into work to fundraise money on the office quiz night. Cupcakes were just simple vanilla with butter cream icing.

I decided to decorate the cupcakes with simple chocolate and cookies, however cutting a Oreo in half seemed to be a two man job. Please see our short instuctional video.

I was very happy to raise a total of £60 for the night and the social committee pledged to match whatever I raised.. so just waiting for the cheque in the mail!

All my cupcakes - not my best as they got a little squashed

Happy Baking x

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