A Post of Firsts

Firstly, Welcome to my first tumblr. post. Edit: Have migrated to Blogger - I like what I know. I’m a little over run with ideas that I want to bake and try, so I looking forward to posting them for you all to drool over or screw you face in horror.

I’ve recently got my hands on a copy of the Hummingbird Bakery cook book. I haven’t yet been there which is something I hope to rectify very soon for a lovely lady date or several.

I’ve decided to go straight in with the famous Red Velvet… This is the first time I’ve attempted these and we’ve have a few ciders tonight before I started, but hopefully they will be delish.

mmm.. would probably look more amazing if I hadn’t mixed it in my pink bowl…

first batch going okay; second batch on the way…

The taste test will be tomorrow in Regent Park with my pals… will report back.

Enjoy and Happy Baking x

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