Mad About Sprinkles

So I had a few left over fairy cakes from my order of 50 and I thought I'd just decorate them with all the pretty things in my baking cupboard. Also recently a care package full of Australian treats made its way here from my lovely friend Annette in Brisbane, which included some Jaffa's, Mint Slice, Sour Bears, Red Frogs, Jelly Beans and Aeroplane Jelly, oh and some brightly coloured Bonds underwear.

I use to love decorating the cupcakes I use to make when I was younger with jelly crystals, so I reverted back to my school days and did just that.

Our Aussie care package
Milo topped double up's
Nom MILO!!!!!!!!!
Lime Jelly Crystals
Port Wine Jelly Crystals
Happy Baking x

1 comment:

  1. This is ridiculously delicious looking. I had to stop myself from licking my computer screen!!!

    SERIOUSLY you are making something for me in Brisbane-land!! :D