Fairy Cake Monday

My lovely friend, lets call her Ruru (to hide her true identity) had some of my fairy cakes at work last week and was kind enough to let one of her workmates sample one. He was apparently so impressed with my fairy cakes, despite the bright green sponge, that he paid me to make 50 for the following Monday. Of course I said yes.

Now baking 50 vanilla fairy cakes proved (excuse my French) a piece of piss. However, transporting 50 fairy cakes at peak hour on a Monday morning is the test. I thought of a few ways, some of which were to buy boxes, however trying to keep it on the cheap side I headed down to Tesco's in search of boxes. First thing I saw was the Krispy Kreme stand and thought the boxes would be perfect. I asked one of the shop assistants if I could take an empty box. He was about to say yes, but then didn't seem to sure. I asked him if I could buy it - he said no. Fine. So I went to the guy stacking shelves and managed to score some other boxes (for free) that would do the job.

I was lucky that Monday was a nice day with only a slight windy breeze and every single fairy cake make it to Moorgate unharmed, but not without a few looks on a busy peak hour train. I think people were just jealous that they couldn't have one, well that's what I kept telling myself when I got dirty looks.

Apparently they were all gone by midday... next order please!

Big Red working her magic 
on 3 batches of mix all at once
ready for the oven
my card, for the moment - design by Marco
yellow on yellow on yellow - just for Ruru

Pretty in Pink
my cardboard box contraption...
 most are on the bottom, much safer from 
the elements under there
Happy Baking x

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