One for the Girls, One for the Boys

I was asked this week to make two dozen cupcakes for a kids birthday party. The Birthday Girl was 7 years old and I was looking forward to doing some fun kids cupcakes.

Since I could do two batches I did half lemon and the other half chocolate and decorated them all with my 'nearly never fail' cream cheese icing. I say nearly never fail as soon as you label something never fail, its just bound too. It didn't this time and looked amazing in bright pink and blue.

They were delivered successfully to the lady who ordered them at work, however she had to bat off all the people in her department all day. Lets hope I get some more baking orders out of it!! (Come on Claims people I'm looking at you)

Hope the Birthday Girl enjoyed them and the rest of the kids too.

Happy Baking x

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  1. Bastian is trying to eat them though the computer screen. "caaaaake...yumm cake!" he's saying!