Big, Red & Shiny... Introducing... Big Red

This has been a very exciting week and its only Wednesday. It didn't start out so well as I was sick on Monday, and still don't feel 100%, but hey baking makes everything better. And I was very excited when I got an email alert at work that my new toy had been delivered. I was out the door at 5.30pm, but not without a quick trip to the supermarket for supplies. Who knew 4 bags of flour, 2 bags of sugar, a dozen eggs, potatoes, yoghurt and a box of cereal would be so heavy... go figure.

After a quick pat down to make sure she was all there, I gave her a quick rinse and put her into action. I thought I would christen her with a simple batch of vanilla cupcakes and use this to test out my cake decorating skills ie. play around with my piping tube to see if I actually have any skills. I decided also to use some green food colouring for the cake and made pink coloured icing. I then went through every jar in my baking cupboard and decorated each cupcake with a different coloured sprinkle... and trust me there are a few.



I must say there is no turning back now, I think I'm in love. I have a bit of learning to do with her, but all in good time. First lesson I learnt is that when the whisk is in the upright position you are still able to turn it on. I found out the hard way and ended up with green mixture sprayed down my work shirt (yes I have 4 aprons and no I didn't think to put one on - actually that's two lessons now) and all throughout the kitchen.

More to come very soon from Big Red... much much more!

best picks of the bunch

Happy Baking x


I was send this by LK whilst at work. This is how I like to see my cakes being enjoyed :)

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  1. Amazed!!!!

    Did you do one with a one huge swirl? You know - reminicent of the cloud whip in Aladdin when they are on their 'magic carpet ride'?
    If you don't know what I mean -

    How did they taste though? Did the kitchen aid help with the taste? Intrigued!