Games Night at the Villas

Last Friday night it was games night at the Villas. It was an excuse to stay at home, eat take out curry, drink and play games with pals and we did a little of each very well. Since we had dinner and it was Friday I thought it only right that we should have dessert (see an excuse - I'll find one). I decided to go with an Australian favourite - Pavlova. I went to Tesco's during my lunch break to get the ingredients and as its not the right time of year, though not that that has matter in the past in the UK they just seem to import anything from everywhere. I'm sorry but mango in the middle of winter is just weird, just saying. I was disappointed that I couldn't find any passion fruit or kiwi fruits that weren't sold in massive box, so I went for a simple mix of strawberries and raspberries they were also two for £4 - bargain!

I can't believe, actually I can, how easily Big Red (my Kitchen Aid) whipped up the eggs in to a nice soft peak. It was done in minutes and put in the oven for the gruelling 1hour 40mins. It was a lot of fun watching it grow in size, and then crack down the middle, which I was reassured could happen and it wasn't because of a lack of baking skill, phew!

Friday night = Baking + Cider
white mountain of sugary goodness
looks right so far...

When we were ready for dessert, my other kitchen aid and past student Tom whipped up some cream on Big Red. Before we even got the plates out to serve the pavlova up, the forks went straight in and was finished as quickly as the eggs were beaten in the first place. I must say a combination of eggs, sugar, cream, raspberries and strawberries is hardly going to fail to impress - but I was impressed at my first attempt at a Pavlova, even if it was slightly over cooked.

Strawberries & Raspberries.. can't really go wrong
Pav's good side.. though you can see the cracks and she' looks a little deflated
a modest slice I would say

The rest of games night went down a treat as well... though that could have been the ciders talking, or the Morgan Spiced Rums & Coke or the Gin Bloody Mary's.. or even the White Rum Mojitos. All I know is I suck at poker - but don't you think we all do great poker faces?

Poker Faces

Happy Baking x

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