Claire's Fairy Cakes

Yesterday afternoon I was treated to roast beef with all the trimmings by my friend Claire. It was a thank you dinner for looking after her pet mice a couple of times over the past few months. I think this was good trade off since the mice need pretty much no attention at all, and the first time they stayed there was 3 large mice and 3 baby mice. And by the last visit, there was only two as one escaped trying to find its way back to me as it missed me so much and the other died of depression at the thought of not living with me anymore.

Claire has been getting into her baking lately and she wanted me to come around and help her make some fairy cakes and which would be our pudding after Sunday roast. It was fun to bake with only a limited amount of 'tools', ie.  no mixing bowl and old school beaters. We improvised and used a salad spinner bowl and had to some elbow into the mixing to make the mixture light and fluffy as the beaters proved to be a little less helpful than just a spoon would do. 

Once they were baked, we iced and decorated them with the cutest decorations. I don't normally like sugar flowers as I figure if you don't want to eat them, then why put the on a cake. These flowers were made of rice paper and fit in perfectly on these petite little fairy cakes.

I hope Claire's workmates enjoyed them the next day. We definitely enjoyed them with cup of tea on the couch after roast dinners.

Beating mixture like in the good ol' days - we gave up and went with a hand whisk
Appears to be a two Laura's job to get the icing mixture into the piping bag
Trying a new technique of piping the mixture. Think it would work better on mixture that doesn't run everywhere.
Claire's Fairy Cakes
Happy Baking x

PS. I stole this pic from Claire's facebook page.. my photo's were just taken on LK's iPhone as I forgot mine.

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