Mini Florentines - Recipe 4 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

My second Women's Weekly Challenge recipe this week was Mini Florentines.

I had no idea prior to reading this recipe what they were and by the look of the recipe I wasn't sure I would like them. I have a bit of a hatred for 'fake cherries' and I'm not a lover of things just lumped all together, sorry don't mean to be paying out on the Florentine's, it was just my pre-conception.

The recipe was simple enough, however after the bliss I had from making the choc chip cookies the night before, these little thing just made me angry - baking rage... my housemate have seen it several times. I was a bit sceptical from the beginning as the only thing that was meant to hold them together was condensed milk. I'm not sure if maybe condensed milk in Australia is different to the UK but something wasn't happening. After being baked in the oven for a quick 5 minutes and left to cool on the tray, I would guess the stickiness of the condensed milk was meant to hold it all together, but it didn't.

Thankfully instead of just throwing them all in the bin, LK suggested I put them in my cupcake cakes, which is what I did, drizzled the chocolate that was meant to go nicely on the back of the mixture and there we had it... mini (cupcake) Florentine's.

I was a little bit apprehensive bringing them into work as some of my work mates will tell me exactly what they think, but I was shocked to find that most people loved them, so not a complete failure, but they definitely won't be on the top of my list for round 2.

Happy Baking x

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