ANZAC Biscuits - Recipe 5 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Tonight I'm going to try get on with the next two recipes in the Women's Weekly book and so I really need to keep on top of my blogging which at times is difficult, but I'll get there in the end.

This recipe was hardly a challenge as I've made this many times before. The challenge however was that I needed to make them out at Pete's place and I would not have all my baking tools or back up ingredients. I decided on the Saturday morning that I wanted to take something out to Pete's parents place the following day and so I quickly measured out everything I needed and we headed out to Reading.

The problem with this recipe is the mixture is so goddamn delicious and I end up eating half of it before it even makes it into the oven. I had a slight problem though with my mixture and that was that it was very runny and so when I cook the first couple to try them they ended up being very thin and very wide. I did throw about an idea of just eating the whole mixture, but I don't think I would have felt to good afterwards and so I improvised and found a Yorkshire pudding tray and I put the mixture into and alas they had no where to spread.

After an afternoon of berry picking in the country, one of these was perfect for afternoon tea.. okay maybe I had more than one....

Happy Baking x

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