Fluted Blueberry Cake

This weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying the much awaited English Summer on my friends houseboat on the Thames. Out of all my friends I think only my friend Lulu could make living on a boat in one of the most picturesque spots in London and working a city job seem quite normal, which is why we love her. The occasion was to celebrate her mum visiting from Sydney and it was defiantly one of the best BBQ's I've been too as I think it might be a bit tough to beat sitting in sun on a boat just down stream fro the Tower Bridge and watching the sun go down with all your pals - oh and don't forget the Pimms!

I didn't have to be asked, but I wanted to bake something for the afternoon... the criteria.. anything but cupcakes, I do love them, but I love the challenge of a cake! I recently had purchased a fluted cake tin and so I thought I best try it out. Stupidly I didn't read the recipe properly and so I had a slight disaster once it was in the oven. So what happens when cake mixture meant for a 25cm tin goes into a 20cm tin... this...

Basically my cake massively overflowed (I think if you look at my photo of the cake mixture in the tin - the telltale sign for disaster were quite clear already) and so instead of giving up I thought I would try save it by cutting off the top and hoped like hell the rest of the cake mixture would cook - and it did. Luckily the cut off bits (and there was a lot of them) didn't go to waste as LK and I enjoyed them with bits of tea.. nom!

In the end the cake came out perfectly cooked and people were none the wiser.

Happy Baking x

PS. Thanks to Helena again for your lovely photos

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