Jam Drops & Greek Almond Crescents - Recipe 6 & 7 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

Last night I was lucky enough to have the house to myself and so I was able to get through the next two recipes in my Women's Weekly book. I decided to do the Jam Drops first as these appeared to be much easier than the Greek Almond Crescents. I have always liked jam drops, but have never made them before and they were so simple I'm sure I will whip them up again soon with maybe a bit more jam, definitely more jam.

Next up were the Greek Almond Crescents and these may not be every one's taste, but they were definitely mine. The mixture calls for brandy which I no going forward think every batter/mixture should have brandy in it.. okay that might be a bit over the top, but the smell was amazing and even more amazing opening up the oven when they were ready to come out.

Once these biscuits come out of the oven you need to baste them while they are hot with Rose Water. Trying work out if the rose water the recipe called for was the same rose water I had purchased from Waitrose a few months ago. The rose water I had was in a small bottle similar to a vanilla extract bottle and contained 40% alcohol. My gut feeling was that this wasn't the 60ml of Rose water the recipe asked for and I start with just putting 1/2 teaspoon into 60ml of water instead. I think I was right as the smell of the water was definitely overcome with a rose smell.

The tricky bit with these biscuits were the coating of icing sugar and I'm not sure what the trick is, but instead of a smooth coating of icing sugar it was all lumpy and feel off completely in sections. If anyone has any tips on how to cover them, please let me know.

Regardless they tasted amazing and I later enjoyed both biscuits with a cup of tea (out of my new Emma Bridgewater cup - Thanks LauraP)

Happy Baking x

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