Neil & Melinda's Wedding Cupcakes

I was very honoured (and nervous) to be asked to do my first ever Wedding Cupcakes. I knew it was defiantly going to be a challenge and a lot of planning to bake, ice and transport all 100 cupcakes to Essex on a Saturday afternoon.  But in the end I think at the end of the day, despite a few hiccups and a lot of glitter and icing later I watched all my work getting piled in the back of the courier, however not without giving the driver a bit of grief that my cupcakes would be looked after well.

The top centre piece

They all made it there and in good order! Phew! .. and I the lovely bride Melinda reported back that my cakes went down a treat and apparenlty as she didn't get to each much all day that her and her new husband spent their wedding night eating my cupcakes in bed..

soooo much icing.. this was bowl 1 of 3

The wedding cupcake army
just a few dozen cupakes
All boxed and ready to go

 Congratulation to Melinda & Neil and hope there will be many more nights filled with cake xx

Happy Baking x

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