Choc Chip Cookies - Recipe 3 of the Women's Weekly Challenge

I have officially started my Women's Weekly cookbook challenge. I think I need to set myself some goals as a challenge isn't a challenge without some rules. I will work them out for my next post I promise.

I was planning on getting through three recipes this week, however most of the shops in London were closed early this week... I was totally going to pay for all the flour I use I swear!!!! 

The first chapter in the book is "Plain Biscuits" and choc chip cookies were up first. I definitely underestimated what I thought 375grams of chocolate  and ended up having to raid my baking cupboard for every last piece of chocolate which included dark cooking chocolate, white chocolate and some dairy milk chocolate., but I think the three different flavours worked well together instead.

chocolate stack
so much chocolate goodness!

I was pretty impressed at how good these tasted, they were the perfect middle ground between chewy in the middle and slightly hard around the edges. And also when re-heated in the microwave, the chocolate re-melted and was a great addition to ice-cream.. nom. Just reading about it makes me feel like I need to go to the gym now. 

just chillin'
all tucked in read to go...and get eaten.. NOM

Next up.. mini florentine's...

Happy Baking x

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