Baking Fixes Everything, Almost

I always start blogs with the intention to write updates more often, but then it usually goes by the wayside. I think this is coupled by the fact that I'm not very good at getting my words down on paper without sounds like a complete twat (I'm more of a numbers girl). However, I'm trying to not let this deter me and will endeavour to post more… and bake more too!

Another reason I wanted to post more was I recently watched Julie and Julia and was inspired. For the first 20 minutes or so my housemate LK and I were constantly making comments about how the character Julie and I are alike. At the start of the film Julie gets home from a terrible day at work and jumps straight into the kitchen to bake. This happened to me last week; I had the worst day. It started with an early morning appointment at the gym with a personal trainer to give me some advice and exercises to help my recent injury (that is whole other story). When I got to the gym I was told that they had double booked my session and I had to go with someone else that I didn't like. After the pointless one hour session I found out there was no hot water, you can safely say my day didn't get much better than that.

That night I decided I should try making something with coffee as I was meant to make a coffee cake a few weeks back and didn't quite get to it. So these are my "I've had a shit day and baking makes everything okay coffee and walnut cupcakes"

The next day was much better…

Happy Baking x

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