National Cupcake Week

I got an email this week from a friend in Australia who is always on top of the new trends, news, music, whatever. She informed me that apparently in the UK it was National Cupcake Week and I thought how on earth did I not know this. After doing a short amount of Googling tonight I can't seem to find much on the subject or why this week is meant for cupcakes more than any other week. But any excuse to bake another batch of cupcakes midweek is good enough for me.

I put this out to my friends to decide the flavour and went with lemon. I have stuck with a simple cupcake bases and added a zest of one lemon to the mixture and made my almost never fail cream cheese icing laced with more lemon zest... lemony!

They have passed the first test.. the housemate test!

Happy Baking x