Macmillan Cancer Support - World's Larget Morning Tea

Last Friday was the Macmillan Cancer Support World's Largest Morning Tea which was a excuse for me to bake and to make some money for a good cause. The idea is people from our office are meant to bake cakes and other people put in a donation. I think people only bring in a cake, but I wanted to try out three different types of cupcakes, so I went with three batches of cupcakes. I had a whole production line going. On the Wednesday I baked all the cupcakes bases -Vanilla, Orange and Lemon. I stuck with a simple cupcake recipe and had my helping hand/student to mix the batter for me, however we struck trouble when we were mixing the first batch and my beaters decided to burn out. I knew they were about to go, but was hoping they would last just till the end of the week. I guess that's what happens when you keep replacing £3 beaters with £3 beaters. One day I will have my lovely Kitchen Aid and all my mixing problems will be solved - I can only dream.. for now!

The cupcakes I decided to go with were Lemon, Orange and Strawberries & Cream. The oranges cupcakes were a hit, everyone was very excited at the Terry's chocolate orange bits on the top. The strawberries and cream also went down at treat even though by the time I got them to work the strawberry's had bled on top, however a lady at work gave me a tip about drying out the strawberries in the oven slightly before putting them on the cake. I was a little worried my cakes wouldn't sell, but by 10.30am all but two of my cupcakes had been sold.

I guess I won't be baking for a while now without my beaters.. I say awhile, which will probably be like a week. I went to perve on my Kitchen Aid over the weekend and I think I might be purchasing it very soon... only decision left now is the colour? Cherry Red? Pale Yellow?

The Prep

The mixture goes in

Pre-iced Lemon Cupackes

Strawberries and Cream

Terry's Chocolate and Orange

and my Lemon Cupcakes...

Happy Baking x


  1. I want the blue or green one... Actually I don't care which one I get any will do but I WON'T buy one in Australia. Cheaper to buy one in America and get it shipped over...

  2. What the hell does the above mean?

    AND may I say -





  3. Holy wow. They are all so awesome!!