The Christening of the Pie Dish

Our pie dish arrived in the mail from the US early last week, however making a pie is not something that can be whipped up after work, well unless eating pie at 1 am on a Wednesday morning is your thing.

Since my housemate Tom has had a few days off during the week, he decided to be the first to test out his baking skills, and what a test it was. He decided to go for something that was on the easier side... Lemon Meringue Pie.. okay maybe not so easy! The thing with meringue is it has so many things that can go wrong. The egg whites have to have no trace of yolk, the bowl has to spotless with no oil or other liquids that may stop the mixture forming soft peaks. For a first timer at pie and meringue, I think this is a real show of Tom's inner cooking skills. As much as his meringue didn't peak, LauraK definitely peaked on the sugar after eating this delish masterpiece.

Happy Baking x

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