Weekend Baking Teimes

This week I have been thinking about baking all weekend. I have actually got to baking as much as I like, but I still have all of Sunday evening so I may just get around to it yet. I have however made one batch of cupcakes I planned to make.

One of the guys at my work just has a lovely baby boy which he has called Alex. I know his wife loves to bake too, so instead of buying gift I have decided to make my winning low-fat vanilla and jam cupcakes decked out in baby blue. I think they look quite sweet. I hope they like them.

I've also tried to make some vanilla cupcakes with the low fat sugar substitute as there is quite a difference in the calorie count. These didn't turn out so well; the batter tasted fine and the texture looked the same, however they stuck to the cupcake case and didn't quite rise the same. I might give it another go with the substitute with another recipe, however I think I might stick to good old caster sugar.

Overall it was a great weekend of baking and domestic goodness in the kitchen.

Happy Baking x


  1. They look delish!!

    Can you help me Ms Baking queen? After reading a certain book, I am now trying to cut majority of sugars out of what I eat (just particular sugars - sucrose/fructose - so sciency of me!). Can you find a recipe that uses pure glucose instead of sugar?

    Note - Glucose can either be found as a syrup or it is also found as 'Dextrose' in the home brewing section of most supermarkets. OR alternatively, can you sustitute sugar for a artificial sugar aka saccharin or something and see how it turns out??

    I would do this myself, I am just way too lazy. And after a whole month of 0 sugary stuff - I'm craving...

    Much love,

    Mon Mon (new nickname due to cute niece unable to say Monica)