Bitter Sweet Lemon

This week has been a crazy week for baking. After a whole weekend off from baking I was itching to get back into the kitchen, however my housemates and my own waistlines are going to start to suffer if I give in to my baking urges every day. And then I was then given the perfect opportunity to bake. At my work if it’s your birthday, instead of everyone pitching in and buying you a cake, they make you bring in your own. And not only that, if you don’t happen to bring them on the day of your birthday, they will harass you every day until you do. Now for most this is easily done by going to M&S and spending £15 on a selection of cakes. Unfortunately for one of the Underwriters who has better things to do than buy cake was still being harassed a week after his birthday. I said to him for a tenner I would make him some cakes. He threw 20 quid at me and said £10 for ingredients and £10 for my efforts. I was like a kid in a candy store… except I was a girl in Morrison’s very excitedly stocking up my baking cupboard.

I decided to make three different cakes:

Victoria Sponge with Butter Cream
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Orange Cupcakes

As I was pressed for time, I decided to ask my first and only student to to give me hand as I was a little pressed for time. Tom started the Victoria Sponge whilst I made the cupcakes. Whilst they were cooking I got the Lemon Drizzle on the go. The oven got a good run for its money and I finished up at about 11.45pm, but well worth it.

Firstly, the Victoria Sponge - unlike previous attempts we decided to cook this as two separate cakes instead of one and cutting it in half. However, this time, it definitely cooked all the way through, but sank. It still managed to impress.

The orange cupcakes were a winner, but I think what went down best was my first ever attempt at lemon drizzle cake. Everyone loves lemon and I've been told many times to try it out, so I did. It was so simple, yet so delish. I could have let the drizzle soak in a bit more whilst the cake cooled.

The whole night felt like my own British Bake Off and the pressure was on since this was my first proper paid 'gig'. So who's order is up next??

Happy Baking x

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