My Mum's Christmas Cake

Every year my Mum will make her amazing Christmas Cake and she even did a guest blog entry for me last year.

I made the cake two Christmas's ago and was lucky enough to be in Australia last year so I didn't get the chance. So this year as it will be my first Christmas as my boyfriends families house I thought a cake like my mum use to do was only fitting.  However as I hosted a Christmas dinner for my lovely lady pals in London last week I decided to make two smaller cakes and try my hand a decorating on of them. I forgot to get a picture of my un iced cake, so here is my first ever attempt at properly iced Christmas cake. It wasn't to hard to do at all and the decoration possibilities are endless. I used the idea for the tree from another blog I follow, with my own touch of course... Let's hope the family enjoy it!!

Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and many Happy Baking Returns for the year ahead

xx Laura

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  1. The decorations are very pretty. I've never actually used ready to roll icing yet, it's on my to do list !