Beetroot Brownie & Recipe 15 - Jam & Coconut Slice

A few weeks ago Pete and I ventured up North to visit his brother and family in Coventry. It was my first time in Coventry and I got all the typical jokes about being sent there etc. Jokes aside it was a lovely couple of days hanging out with his two nieces and their cat. Actually I think the cat loved the attention I gave it so much that on the second night it bought me a present.. a mouse. Cat's are so sweet.. as were the girls.

Before venturing up North, Pete's sister in law contacted me to ensure firstly, that I had a pair of suitable shoes as I think the last time she saw me I was struggling with my heels in the back garden. Secondly, she knew I would bringing some kind of baked goods with me and requested I bake something for Children in Need for her eldest daughter to take into school that day. I couldn't help myself so I made raspberry and coconut slice for the school and chocolate brownies as my 'Thanks for Having Us Gift.'

I have made raspberry and coconut slice many times before with my own recipe, however I wanted to use this as an opportunity to get through another recipe in my Women's Weekly Challenge. The rich chocolate beetroot brownies has always been a winner in the past and they definitely did the job this time and even Charlotte being only 3 couldn't get enough of these - kids got good taste!!

I was happy to see when Hannah came out of school that my tin had been was completely empty. You got to love kids honesty though as when asked if she had tried one she said none of the kids like them and only the adults ate them. Oh well, at least the brownies were a winner with these kids.

Happy Baking x

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