Lily Vanilli Bakery Review

What would you do if you won the lottery? Its a question we have all wondered throughout the course of our life, some want cars, holidays, jewellery and to never work again. As much as the thought of never having to stand on a peak our train squished together like sardines, I don't think at this point I could spend the rest of my life as a lady of leisure and I would definitely open a bakery or tea shop and bake until my heart's content.

In my travels around this wonderful city of London I often think about where is the best place to set up shop and earlier this year I found it!!! Right in the heart of the Columbia Road Flower Market in the cutest little alcove surrounded by other cute boutique shops. This place had it so easy with the flower market literally on its doorstep and rows and rows of adorable shops, non of which were bakeries or tea shops. Any places you could eat barely have enough room for more than about 5 people to sit down and enjoy a well deserved break from the flower market with some tea and cake. The 'coffee shop' that was already there had no charm, no warmth and no taste, yet for me would be the perfect place to set up what I would consider a perfect little corner of the world.

A few months later I was pleased to hear the Lily Vanilli Bakery was opening... This was exciting!! I'd come across her A Zombie Ate My Cupcake! book last Halloween and have been always in love with her style of baking. Her cakes are the ones you want to smash in your face when you see it and that's exactly what I want from my cakes. Not "aww wow doesn't that look like an exact replica of your favourite car"... I want a cake that my taste buds will enjoy and not just my eyes.

Even Lily's up on her puns...
Too cute!

One Sunday afternoon my girls and I met up on Columbia Road at the usual place near the man who makes  the best flat whites whist squished in the doorway between two shops. I had figured out that Lily Vanilli's bakery was close by, and when I checked on my phone it said we were about 100 feet away. As we headed off Columbia Road I walked in to this cute little alley way only to find where had once been a crappy 'coffee' shop was now a cute bakery packed inside and out and cute fairy lights hanging from the ceiling. Lily Vanilli had 'stolen' my dream... but hey you snooze you loose...get it? Whatever, I think its a winning pun!

My cupcake order was ready and waiting when I arrived (okay second time around it was ready and waiting as Groupon didn't place my order, but lets keep this post in a nice tone - profanities don't get you anywhere) and my friends were very happy with me when I walked into the pub with these gorgeous cupcakes. There was  a selection of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet with a selection of meringue, brownie or coconut toppings... all were delish, but my favourite was the meringue.

All and all, my overall experience combined with the actual cupcakes at Lily Vanilli I give a 10 out of 10. The girls in the store were very helpful when they realised my order had not been received by Groupon and sorted this out promptly and followed up to ensure the order was ready for me the next time I arrived. However I can't say the same for Groupon who only contacted me back 2 weeks after I made my second attempt to pick up the cupcakes - tsk tsk!

Will be definitely visiting Lily Vanilli again as the array of delicious treats staring at me from the counter on both the occasions that I visited will be to hard to resist, and also perfect to help recover after the crowds of the flower market. I suggest you try it out too.

Happy Baking x

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