Winning Lemon Curd Cupcakes

The first batch was a birthday gift for my lovely friend Anja. However they did get a bit squished on the way over on the bus... but she assures me they still tasted amazing and her housemate agreed.

the pre-squished treats

The second batch was for the 'big' boss at work and I still have my job, so guessing his department enjoyed them thoroughly.

These littles one are a bit more prepared for rush hours trains...
Happy Baking x

Lemon never seems to fail to satisfy and so this last week I decided to bake lemon flavoured cupcakes with a lemon curd centre and topped with cream cheese icing. I myself always love a good lemon flavoured treat and adding the lemon curd centre just gave that little bit extra lemony awesomeness.

The little trick (thanks to the Love Bakery cookbook) of using an apple corer to remove some of the cake after they have been baked worked a treat. And as you can see, once the icing was placed on top you are none the wiser.

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