Pancake Day / Weekender

Today is Pancake day! And even though I'm not a religious person I do believe in a good pancake.
However since I really love to make an occasion when making pancakes, my friends and I had a Pancake Weekender and what a weekend it was.

On Saturday despite actually getting into bed at around 6am I was still promptly up at 10.30am for Sweet Saturday Pancakes.

We decided to make Ricotta, Blueberry and Honey pancakes which have been tried and tested in my house in the past, however as there was 3 of us I realised one batch was not going to be enough and whipped up another batch.

Since my weekends are when I tend to be guilt free with my food, the Ben and Jerry Fairly Nuts and some Australian Milo were just the trick for an overindulging Sweet Pancake Saturday.
Sunday we decided to go savoury and we had an extra mouth to feed so we cooked up a Potato Pancake Feast. I think she just happened to hear about our plans for the morning and ended up on our couch from the night before - but she was highly entertaining at the breakfast table so good to have her around - Luv ya Meg!

The menu was as follows - potato pancakes with chives, scrambled eggs with rosemary and thyme, slow roasted tomatoes, crispy bacon (for the non-veg), rocket and a good dash to ketchup.. shhh! we are Australians, ketchup is a must!

I would say the Pancake weekend was a success!

Happy Baking x

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